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RV Inspections

Get peace of mind with your purchase.

The types of 


RV Maintenance Alberta

Types of services and inspections:

  1. Pre-purchase inspection

  2. General maintenance check 

  3. An inspection on a particular area/appliance 

  4. Gas test performed for peace of mind

  5. Just purchased a unit and would like someone to show you how to operate and maintain your new RV

RV Inspections Alberta


Buying a second hand RV is an exciting, but at times an equally daunting process. You will always ask yourself, “Is this a good deal?” and “How can I be sure that everything works?” The last thing you want to do is invest your hard-earned savings into an RV, then find you have to fork out more money fixing stuff you did not know needed work.

That’s where we at Travler’s RV come in. Give us a call, and Barry will come out and check out your prospective RV. He will check everything, and will be able to tell you what maintenance is required and give you the peace of mind knowing what you are buying is a good deal and not a lemon. Even if you would just like a propane leak test performed to make sure your unit has no leaks for the upcoming season, just give us a call, leak test only takes 20 minutes and can be performed anywhere!


During the winter months, RV’s tend to spend a lot of time sitting around and are often exposed to the elements. A general maintenance check is great way to get the peace of mind you need to know that everything is functioning correctly. There is nothing worse than to get to a lovely camping spot miles from anywhere and find the furnace or fridge is not working, or a burst pipe has damaged another part of your RV

Contact Barry for a non-obligation quote today.

What we look for

What we check on an inspection:

  • All exterior sealants walls and roof

  • All interior ceilings walls and floor for water damage due to poor sealants, i.e. ‘mold’

  • Water systems  – potable and city water

  • Plumbing lines, faucets and drain lines, p traps

  • Sewage lines, grey and black water valves

  • LP ‘Propane’ gas systems for leaks

  • LP regulator for proper pressure

  • LP tanks for proper certification

  • Test all appliances – fridge, stove-oven, water heater and furnace – for proper operation

  • Complete electrical system inspection on 12 volt and 110 volt GFI plugs

  • Inspection on all charging systems, converter, inverter, generator, chassis and solar panels

  • Check all exterior lights

  • Check all interior lights

  • Trailor harness and plug

  • Brakes  – TRAILERS ONLY

  • Tire wear

  • Hitch and coupler safety chains

  • check for: smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, propane detectors and fire extinguishers

  • All emergency exits are operating properly

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