Pre-purchase inspection


Buying a second hand RV is an exciting, but at times an equally daunting process. You will always ask yourself, “Is this a good deal?” and “How can I be sure that everything works?” The last thing you want to do is invest your hard-earned savings into an RV, then find you have to fork out more money fixing stuff you did not know needed work.

That’s where we at Travler’s RV come in. Give us a call, and Barry will come out and check out your prospective RV. He will check everything, and will be able to tell you what maintenance is required and give you the peace of mind knowing what you are buying is a good deal and not a lemon. Even if you would just like a propane leak test performed to make sure your unit has no leaks for the upcoming season, just give us a call, leak test only takes 20 minutes and can be performed anywhere!


Call or email us for a free quote, Or if you just have a question regarding our services.We encourage that you are present for the inspection which can take 1.0 to 3.0 hours depending on the size of the unit.You are able to see what we find on the inspection along with an estimate for any repairs that may be required for the purpose of getting the right price for the right unit. You will also learn how to properly operate and maintain the unit so your investment dollars are well spent.